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What is USTAR?  The Missouri Unemployment State Tax Automated Reporting (USTAR) system provides employers with a secure and convenient option for conducting unemployment insurance tax business over the Internet.  For quarterly report filing, USTAR automatically calculates the total, excess and taxable wages and contributions due.  Users of the system may also submit an electronic funds transfer (ACH Debit) transaction from checking account or submit an electronic file transfer online via USTAR.

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How do I access USTAR? Access USTAR at:

Is USTAR compatible with all browsers and versions? USTAR has been tested with Internet Explorer 5.0, Firefox 1.0, and Netscape 7.1, or newer versions.  See System Requirements.

How secure is it to file and pay online? USTAR uses 128-byte encryption, the standard for Internet security. Data encryption “scrambles” the information sent over the Internet so that only the computer it is intended for can read it.

Can accountants and payroll services file on USTAR? Yes. Register with the administrative password provided to the employer or contact the Division to register as a payroll service or accountant. If registered as a payroll service or accountant, you will have access to the file transfer option (ICESA format) and pay by electronic funds transfer. If the employer provides you with their administrative password, you must register for each employer account number.

Can an employer or accountant add other accounts? Yes. After registering and logged in, an account can be added by selecting the "Add Account" under the "User Admin" tab. Enter the 14 digit account number and the Administrative Password printed on the Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report for the account(s) that you want to add.

Can an employer or accountant remove accounts from the drop down list? Yes. Contact the Division at (573) 751-1995.

Why are there multiple account numbers listed showing "Due"? Accounts related to your account that have report(s) or monetary amount(s) due will appear in a drop-down list for you to review

Why do I only see three letters of an employee’s last name on USTAR? Only the first three letters are currently retained. When you complete the name on USTAR, the data will be retained and the full name will be displayed the next quarter.

What if I start my report on USTAR but cannot complete it? Click the Save & Quit button. When you are ready to complete the report, select the quarter and continue. The status of the report will be “Started”.

Why does my report show “Pending”? A “pending” report has been submitted but not processed. It takes up to four business days to process. If an amount is due, click Payment Center after the report is processed.

Why does my report show “Started”? The report is “started” when the Save & Quit button is clicked. A “started” report has not been submitted. Please Submit the report by the due date to avoid interest and penalty.

Why is there a message: “Please wait while your information is processing”? After you Submit, your Internet service begins to transmit data to the Division. Depending on the Internet service provider, type of line, the path it takes to get to the Division and other factors, it may take awhile for the data to process. Please allow time for the data to process before you logout. To verify the report was submitted, click Report Center and File Report. The report should be “Pending”.

Why was I directed to the Home Page when I clicked a button? USTAR will logoff if you remain on one page over 30 minutes. Click the Save & Quit button to ensure data is saved if you are on the same page for 30 minutes.

How do I pay? Remit payment by electronic transfer of funds from checking account (ACH debit) or check. A pre-note is not required for an ACH debit from checking account. If paying by check, USTAR will display a voucher to print and mail with your check.

I have a Debit Block/Filter on my bank account and must authorize the division to process an ACH Debit from my checking account. What do I provide the bank? Banks will ask for various data. Please contact the Division if your bank requires information other than shown below.

Company Name: MO DIR EMP SERV
Originating ID: 43-1158662 (must have the “dash” in the field)
Class Code: CCD
Individual ID: This is the voucher number on your ACH Confirmation. The number will be different for each payment.

Should I send a paper copy of my report with my payment? No; but if paying by check, include a copy of the voucher printed from USTAR.

What if I forget to print my voucher? Mail the check to the Division and include your name, address, account number, and FEIN.
The address is: Division of Employment Security
  PO Box 888
  Jefferson City, MO 65102-0888

How is the receipt date for my report and payment determined? USTAR records the date and time the report and payment are received by the server in Jefferson City (Central Time). Payments must be date/time stamped before 12 a.m. (midnight) Central Time on the due date to be considered timely. Do not wait until the due date to submit as network problems may delay transmission and result in interest or penalties.

Can I report multiple quarters through USTAR? Yes; any report that is due may be filed on USTAR. You will have to calculate excess wages if filing multiple reports of the same year at one time.

I report my workers' wages on magnetic media. Can I use the file on USTAR? If the file meets specifications, it may be used on USTAR. Prior authorization is not required for the file transfer option.

Where do I find the specifications for electronic file transfer? The file specifications are available here or you may call the Division. Reports may be transmitted using the ICESA, Missouri, and Social Security (MMREF/Federal) formats

What if I made an error on my report? After a report has been submitted, an amendment should be filed to correct errors. The amendment may also be filed online after the report is processed.


What is my administrative password? The administrative password is printed on the quarterly report mailed to you. This password is used to register and manage your account.

How do I register? After accessing USTAR, click REGISTER. Enter your 14-digit employer account number (with or without dashes), the administrative password printed in the upper left corner on the quarterly report and your email address, and create a User ID. You will receive an email with a temporary password to use with your User ID to login. Complete the registration process by providing identifying information and creating a User Password. Keep the User ID and User Password you create to access USTAR in the future. 

Why do I have three passwords? It is the Division's goal to keep your data secure and confidential. Sensitive information is available for review on USTAR. The administrative password printed on the Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report is for you to register the first time to access USTAR. It can also be used if you forget your User ID and need to register again. Along with your account number, the administrative password is the “key” to your account. The emailed password sent to you is used with the User ID you created to verify your identity. It is used only to login the first time you access USTAR. You do not need to retain this password. The User Password is a confidential password you create that you will need to retain along with your User ID to access USTAR in the future.

Do I have to go through the same registration process every quarter? Once you have registered the first time, you can sign in to USTAR thereafter with just the User ID and User Password you created.

What is a special character? When creating a User ID and/or User Password, a special character is any character other than an alphabetic letter or number.

Can I authorize multiple people to use my account? You may assign multiple users. You can provide a person with your account number and the password on your quarterly report and let them register, or you can register the person.

Can I change an authorized user? Authorized users may be added or deleted and user information updated.

Can the password on the quarterly report be changed? The password may be changed by submitting a request on USTAR. Click the User Admin tab and select Reset Admin Password. The new password will be mailed to your address on the Division's records.

What if I don’t have the password on the quarterly report? Contact the Division and the password will be mailed.

What if I forgot my password or User ID? Click the “Forgot Password” button. If you don’t have the User ID, please register again.

Will my password expire? The password will expire in 180 days. When the password expires, you will be prompted to create a new password.


What are cookies?
These are small pieces of data that are stored on your computer. USTAR uses cookies to maintain a session. Once you are done with your session, the cookie is removed.

I am having problems with cookies using Internet Explorer. How can I fix this? In the Internet Explorer Browser, under Tools, select Internet Options then Privacy.
There are two options:

  1. If the Privacy level is set at Medium or higher, lower the Privacy to Low or Accept All Cookies. Press Apply then OK.
  2. Towards the bottom of that window is a box for Web Sites to override cookie handling - click Edit.
    On the next page there is a box to type Address of Web Site, type then click on Allow.
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